Selected gleanings from the late G.W. North

Sayings of the late George W. North 

George Walter Govier North was born in Bethnal Green in the East End of London in 1913 and died in Blantyre in Malawi in 2003. Early in life he was led to Christ and, in due course, became a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: initially in the UK and then in many other countries. 

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1) I am come to send FIRE on the earth… He only sends FIRE.

2) If He only sends FIRE perhaps that is why so few are sent?

3) Where is the FIRE?

4) He only sends FIRE… can He safely send you?

5) Can He FIRE when ready?

6) God’s Come!

7) Solomon understood the altar!

8) I’m pointing at you… where’s the FIRE?

9) The FIRE falls when the altar is full.

10) God don’t believe you… God has got to be able to believe us!

11. God has to change you. He can’t have you breaking His heart for all eternity.

12. God is the great unbeliever… He doesn’t believe you.

13. Preaching without FIRE is spreading death.

14. He wants to consume and consume in you until there is nothing left but what is of God.

15. Were keeping the charge for Abijah- bless him!

16. Don’t you think it would be marvelous beloved to stand before the enemies of God and say, “We keep the charge of the LORD!”

17. A sweet smelling savor unto the LORD burning night and day. Is that your life?

18. Burn, Burn unto God. It’s got to go…

19. Why did the farmer sow his seed? He wants 100%

20. Tell me you believe in Christ? That’s marvelous. Tell me you believe what the bible says? now prove it to me… let me see the FIRE.

21. Jesus doesn’t care about those things… He cares about souls going to Hell because they never met a man with FIRE in his bones.

22. He doesn’t want any nice Christians He wants rugged men that have come straight from the cross.

23. Does God want some hot headed people? Yes, someone that will go straight home into the FIRE.

24. Here’s the thing… FIRE… FIRE

25. The church that doesn’t want to grow and get out is dying on its feet.

26. Your feelings are liars in this race. Get into this race and run this race.

27. I preached on being free from sin and half the congregation were down at the front and they could all speak with tongues.

28. He will give you utterance but the Holy Spirit has not come to be a tongue wagger, He has come to free you from sin.

29. It’s a straight path… NO getting off on some hobby horse there… that leads out into the wilderness.

30. It’s peace because I stopped fighting God. You would give everything you have got if only your mind was at rest.
I don’t know who put this together, but it introduces us to the great message by G.W. North, “The Glorious Shipwreck.”

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