Robert Wurtz II

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Welcome to my website! I’m Robert Wurtz II, and I’ve been an author and teacher of advanced biblical studies for nearly 30 years. My goal is to help people understand the Bible and what God desires for His children. I’ve written four books dealing with historic evangelism and the Spirit-Filled life that are available from Amazon.com and other book retailers. There are nearly a thousand FREE articles archived here and on other Christian websites such as sermonindex.net. Check out my youtube channel HERE.

Current Ministries

I’m currently serving as Senior Pastor of Hillcrest Bible Church in St. Joseph, MO. I host thegirdedmind.com, cohost biblebase.com, and Friends of Biblebase (FOBB) on Facebook. My interests are The New Covenant, the Spirit-Filled life, Apologetics, and Classical Revival. I’m native to the Kansas City, MO, area and live in  St. Joseph, Mo, with my lovely wife Anna.

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