Selected gleanings from the late G.W. North

Sayings of the late George W. North 

George Walter Govier North was born in Bethnal Green in the East End of London in 1913 and died in Blantyre in Malawi in 2003. Early in life he was led to Christ and, in due course, became a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: initially in the UK and then in many other countries. 

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1) I am come to send FIRE on the earth… He only sends FIRE.

2) If He only sends FIRE perhaps that is why so few are sent?

3) Where is the FIRE?

4) He only sends FIRE… can He safely send you?

5) Can He FIRE when ready?

6) God’s Come!

7) Solomon understood the altar!

8) I’m pointing at you… where’s the FIRE?

9) The FIRE falls when the altar is full.

10) God don’t believe you… God has got to be able to believe us!

11. God has to change you. He can’t have you breaking His heart for all eternity.

12. God is the great unbeliever… He doesn’t believe you.

13. Preaching without FIRE is spreading death.

14. He wants to consume and consume in you until there is nothing left but what is of God.

15. Were keeping the charge for Abijah- bless him!

16. Don’t you think it would be marvelous beloved to stand before the enemies of God and say, “We keep the charge of the LORD!”

17. A sweet smelling savor unto the LORD burning night and day. Is that your life?

18. Burn, Burn unto God. It’s got to go…

19. Why did the farmer sow his seed? He wants 100%

20. Tell me you believe in Christ? That’s marvelous. Tell me you believe what the bible says? now prove it to me… let me see the FIRE.

21. Jesus doesn’t care about those things… He cares about souls going to Hell because they never met a man with FIRE in his bones.

22. He doesn’t want any nice Christians He wants rugged men that have come straight from the cross.

23. Does God want some hot headed people? Yes, someone that will go straight home into the FIRE.

24. Here’s the thing… FIRE… FIRE

25. The church that doesn’t want to grow and get out is dying on its feet.

26. Your feelings are liars in this race. Get into this race and run this race.

27. I preached on being free from sin and half the congregation were down at the front and they could all speak with tongues.

28. He will give you utterance but the Holy Spirit has not come to be a tongue wagger, He has come to free you from sin.

29. It’s a straight path… NO getting off on some hobby horse there… that leads out into the wilderness.

30. It’s peace because I stopped fighting God. You would give everything you have got if only your mind was at rest.
I don’t know who put this together, but it introduces us to the great message by G.W. North, “The Glorious Shipwreck.”

A Modern Reformation (Part 2)

A Modern Reformation (Part 2)
Robert Wurtz II

Right Response  

The key to going on with God is right response to His personal dealings and His revelation of truth. That is as simple of thing as can be stated. Multitudes upon multitudes are living in wrong response to His revelation and dealings- dead in their trespasses and sins. They want it that way. This is a hard saying, but it is true. If they would but respond rightly to what God has revealed He would give them more revelation. But why should God give more revelation to those that are not faithful with the revelation that they do have? Hosea 4:6a offers a glimpse into God’s reaction to mans rejection of revelation, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee. The book of Romans also makes clear that the problem between God and man is on man’s end, not God’s. God has revealed Himself many times since the beginning of time in what the writer to the Hebrews called ‘diverse manners’ (Hebrews 1:1ff). That is to say, He gave forth a progressive revelation of Himself through those that He chose for the purpose. To this revelation was added the Revelation of Jesus Christ. In John 3:1ff Jesus reveals to us that the problem is not that there is no light, but that men reject the Light that has come into the world. Why? Because their deeds are evil. 

That Which May Be Known About God

It is impossible to know more about God than what He has chosen to reveal. We are completely reliant on Him to reveal information about Himself. Indeed, there are many things about God that are ‘knowable’; these are the things we must bring into focus. Rebellious lost men and women love to point to the ‘mysterious’ and ‘unknowable’ things of God as excuse for their refusal to respond rightly to that which He has clearly made known to them. Some try to fabricate lies that paint God totally out of the picture. God preempts this attitude of men saying, Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shown it unto them. (Romans 1:19) This is God’s declaration of the facts in the case. Men will be judged at the Great White Throne, not for what they could not have known, but for what they knew or should have known. God, who is truth and cannot lie has said in effect, “I have shown myself to them.” Yet, multitudes have provoked Him to wrath, not merely by not responding rightly to this fact, but by denying He has shown Himself at all. It is a sham. To further aggravate their crimes they go the next step and suppress the truth; that is to say, the truth of God is out in the open, but wicked men, so to speak, put it under a bushel and “hold it down in unrighteousness.” They seek to conceal the open truth of God from themselves and other men. To further provoke their Creator they will use all their faculties to fabricate and believe some falsehood against God that calls into question His existence or authority. They employ their God given talents and abilities to war against the Almighty with tongue and pen. They use the powers of their mind to hate their Creator as opposed to loving Him with their mind. This is a sad fact to ponder. 

Problem not on God’s end

The time would fail to speak of all the ways God has revealed Himself. Simply put, HE IS and we all know HE IS. Not only can man clearly see the truth of God through His infinitely marvelous creation, apprehending that there indeed must be a Divine Creator, but He has also shown Himself in them so that they are without excuse. (Romans 1:20) He has deposited the truth of Himself clearly in their heart and conscience. With all of these revelations of Himself at work, He adds the fact that He strives with man personally. This goes on until some point known only to Him, He will at last leave off from them (Genesis 6:3). What a horrifying judgment that God would leave man to himself. 

The Holy Spirit has been sent into the world to convince (convict) the world of sin, righteousness and judgment to come. (John 16:8) He deals with man (in the language He used to Saul of Tarsus) so as to goad him/her onto the straight and narrow way. (See Acts 9:5) This has gone on since the beginning. Even as the Psalmist David expresses God’s personal dealings after he had sinned with Bathsheeba, For when I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long. For day and night your hand was heavy upon me; my strength was dried up as by the heat of summer. Selah (Psalms 32:3-4) The hand of the Lord was ‘heavy’ on David. He likely could not sleep and was preoccupied with what he had done. God deals with man in this way and many others.

God meets with all men and women right where they are. He seeks to draw men unto Christ. The absolute key to success in this is found in how we respond to Him. If we continue to strive with the Spirit, that is to say, to always resist the Holy Spirit (Acts 7:51), there will come a point when He will no longer strive. This is a most fearful fact. When God is dealing it is time to turn to Him in repentance and faith. While it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation. The voice of God is calling out to man. May we not provoke Him and grieve Him as did the Israelites when they came out of Egypt. (Hebrews 3:15ff) We must ‘hear’ and ‘hearken’. We must respond rightly to Him and His truth in faith believing.

 Agreeing With God

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.
(1 John 1:9-10)

Here we find an essential element in responding rightly to what God has revealed to us. We must agree with Him. This is the great challenge. What God calls sin we must call sin. It is not an ‘oopsy’ or a ‘boo-boo’. He wants us to come to terms with what we have done and will make sure that we do sooner or later. John tells us, If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. This is a person that refuses to agree with what God has said. We have to take responsibility for the way we have been living. The enemy says we are just as good as the next person. God says, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” What do you want to believe? This is the ancient question. Will you let God be true or will you seek to justify your own actions and in turn make yourself be true? This is the key question. 

Denial leads to damnation, it is a hard saying but utterly true. Denial is a refusal to acknowledge the facts in the case. We are sinners. We deserve damnation. God has asked us to acknowledge what He has said about our condition as absolute truth and we have to decide whether we will acknowledge or deny. Adam chose to believe the lies of the Serpent and in turn plunged the human race into slavery to Sin. He passed the buck to Eve and she passed it to the Serpent. But the buck stops with each of us. We have to take possession of our own actions and acknowledge them before God. We are slaves to sin itself. We have to acknowledge this reality. Paul stated emphatically, Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness? (Romans 6:16) Who can deny this fact? Satan offers his lies that suggest less than a full admission. Who will you respond to? Will you respond in the affirmative to the lies of Satan or to the truth of God? In other words, who will you place your faith and trust in? Will you agree with Satan or God? If you confess or ‘acknowledge’ your sins He is faith and just to forgive. Why? Because the price is already paid. The ‘IF’ has to do with ‘IF’ we will acknowledge our sins ‘THEN’ He is faithful and just to forgive… (1 John 1:9)

Full Submission that God can Believe

Now when he was in Jerusalem at the Passover Feast, many believed in his name when they saw the signs that he was doing. But Jesus on his part did not entrust himself to them, because he knew all people and needed no one to bear witness about man, for he himself knew what was in man. (John 2:23-25 ESV)

God has got to be able to believe us when we respond to Him. God knows all things. He is inside of our hearts and minds weighing our thoughts. In our passage Jesus did not have faith in their belief. Why? Because He knew what was in them. He could see the basis on which they were believing and He did not trust it. The same Greek word is used for their ‘belief’(pisteuo) and His ‘entrust’ (pisteuo). Simply put, He did not believe their belief. He did not believe them. If you would have asked the people if they believed they would have probably said ‘yes’. In fact, they might have said it with some level of conviction; but their belief was faulty because it was based on Jesus doing miracles, etc. rather than on a belief that He was the Sovereign Creator of all things and is to be made Lord and King. It was a ‘faith’ but not a faith that would crown Him. 

Faith that Warrants a New Creature 

Once a person has fully submitted to God in a way He can believe (pisteuo) a transformation will take place in which the person will pass from death unto life and from the power of Satan to the Power of God. They will become a new creature. This is more than a doctrine; it is an experience. Yet, one cannot receive from God and resist Him at the same time. People try to do it all the time. He deals with them and they resist Him, then they try to ‘receive’ the Holy Spirit. It is impossible. We have to surrender to God in a way that is believable. The result? A New Creation. 

Life comes in

It has been said that Jesus came to make dead men live. This is true. When the life of God comes in the person is ‘alive to God’ in a way they used to be ‘alive to sin’. This person will not need a call on Sunday to make sure they are ‘still saved’. This is a changed person. God has taken them out of Adam and baptized them into the Body of Christ. How can we know? Well, that is a loaded question. We can say for one thing that a New Creature is self-announcing. Everyone will know there has been a change. The sin has moved out and the Holy Spirit has moved in. The heart of stone has been replaced with a heart of flesh (Ezekiel 36:26). Our new Spirit will begin to cry out to God- ABBA Father! (Romans 8:14; Galatians 4:6) Our spirit bears witness with the Holy Spirit that we are the children of God. This is known as the witness of the Spirit

A Whole New Desire

Moreover, as newborn babes in Christ we will desire the sincere milk of the word that they may grow thereby. (I Peter 2:2) We want to know what the will of their Heavenly Father is so they might please Him. This is what the Eunuch experienced when he was saved in the book of Acts. Phillip speaks of baptism and his response was one of desire to obey God. And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized? (Acts 8:36) 

Initial Evidence of Being Born from Above

When a person turns in repentance, acknowledging their sin and truly believes, the Holy Spirit will leave off striving, goading, convicting, etc. and He will pour in love (Romans 5:5) and the other fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5). Joy comes in place of the ‘heavy hand of the Lord’. A whole new desire and sense of fulfillment will come in. It is a total reversal of paradigm. Sin used to please and now it vexes. Righteousness used to vex and now it pleases. Very simple. Our ‘meat’ or ‘food’ is to do God’s will, just as it was Jesus’ ‘meat’ to do the will of Him that sent Him. That is to say, we are satisfied and fulfilled by doing HIS will in the way that we are satisfied when we are full after a great meal. Sin never satisfied, but the chase was all it could deliver. Where once we attempted to be ‘fulfilled’ by sin- now we are contented by being a hearer and a doer of the works of God. Contentment is what man craves and needs. Oh that man would know the sense that Christ is enough! This is what we as believers live for! Knowing and serving Him is what brings joy and contentment! 

There is a deep craving for God that New Born believers have that cannot be quenched any differently than quenching a new born babies need for a bottle. We give them the milk of God’s word and they walk in the truth of it, just like a mother feeds her newborn baby. Newborn babes in Christ are filled with zeal for the Lord. They desire to share their new life with others. They seem to eat, sleep, and breathe God. They want to know when the next Church service is or when the next prayer meeting will be. They are NEW LIFE to the Church! They are often unlearned about God, but they are sincere and full of desire. They may make mistakes but God knows their heart. John writes; My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. (John 10:27-29) Notice this simple progression, Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him and that He gives them eternal life. This is one of the great evidences of the born again experience- they hear and follow Jesus Christ. Their eyes and ears are open and ready to follow. They will never again feel at home in sin. The world is not their habitat any longer. Amen. 


A Modern Reformation (Part 1)

A Modern Reformation (Part 1)
Robert Wurtz II

TEXT. But rise, and stand upon thy feet: for I have appeared unto thee for this purpose, to make thee a minister and a witness both of these things which thou hast seen, and of those things in the which I will appear unto thee; Delivering thee from the people, and from the Gentiles, unto whom now I send thee, To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. (Acts 26:16-18)

Leonard Ravenhill stated in an interview in ca. 1988, “I guarantee that not five percent of people in America and England are genuinely born again of the Spirit. They are born again of a decision. They give up a few lousy habits some of them and some of them don’t. They go right back.” This is a sobering comment. He had lived long enough to see a transition in how folks are brought along into Christ. Decisionism, as it is sometimes called, has left us with a multitude of people that have ‘believed on Christ’ and show nearly no fruit for the effort. Today the greatest fear seems to be that multiplied millions of people around the world will not have their sins forgiven so the whole Gospel is spun to get man’s sins forgiven. But this was only ever a starting point. None now live that remember what Ravenhill was even talking about. It sounds heretical and false. Why? Because we have been sleep walking for decades going along with concepts that have no parallel in previous centuries. 

Genuine Salvation 

Genuine salvation is the process by which a person is gloriously transformed from being a child of disobedience to being a child of God. The children of disobedience are born ‘in Adam’; that is to say, they are under a different head than those that are born again ‘in Christ’. As Jesus said, you are of your father the Devil and the lusts (strong desires) of the Devil you WILL do. When we are born we have a different spirit than after we have been born again. As the old timers used to say, with full salvation comes a whole new desire. We could use many words to describe the children of disobedience; unsaved, without Christ, the lost, unbeliever, etc. The lost live according to the ways of this world and according to the Prince of the Power of the Air and the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience. They are by nature children of wrath (Ephesians 2:1ff). Those who have been born of water only are fleshly (carnal); but those who have been born of the Holy Spirit are spiritual. God’s plan is to take lost man out of old Adam and place him/her into Jesus Christ. This is the work of the Holy Spirit as a person yields to the leadership of Jesus Christ. If we will surrender God will do a work in us to transform us into His children. If we resist and rebel we will remain unchanged no matter how religious we may become. In this lesson I propose,

I. To examine first the three states of unrepentant sinners.
II. To explore the methods of dealing with each ‘state’ of unrepentant sinner.
III. To explore the initial evidence of the born again experience.

I. The three states of unrepentant sinners.

A. The Careless Sinner
B. The Awakened Sinner
C. The Convicted Sinner

A. The “careless sinner” can simply “care-less” about their soul’s salvation and need for God. They are opposed to their own salvation. Some will get hostile or even violent at the proposal of being saved. Upon hearing about God their mind and conscience is stirred which is very troubling. They will most often avoid this state. Sinners are very creative in finding ways to ignore their need for God and press Him as far back in their minds as possible. They do not like to retain God in their knowledge and prefer to sin unabated (unrestrained and unhindered). These people are enemies of both God and themselves. Some people are subtle about it and simply ignore God and believe they are ‘good people.’ Yet others may be in some form of false religion. No matter which category they fall into- they are quite careless about their souls. They are deceived by Satan, taken captive at his will and are fearlessly confident in their sinful condition. They feel no need to consider the vast number of ways in which God is trying to gain their attention at any given moment. They ignore the sight of a church. They skip past Christian TV and radio when skimming channels. They ignore Christian related billboards and bumper-stickers. More than that, they do always resist the Holy Ghost that is using these and many other means to arrest their attention. As Jesus told Saul on the road to Damascus, they do always kick against the goads (pricks). God uses means to alter their direction in live towards Himself- but they resist to their own hurt. They beat the drums as in Tophet to drown the screams; that is, they surround themselves with worldly distractions that bolster their deception and hasten their damnation. God often has to use radical measures to snap a sinner out of a careless state.

B. The “awakened sinner” is someone that has been shocked into at least ‘considering’ their need for God. This happens at times when tragedy strikes such as a loved one passing away or being suddenly killed. It happens when the individual themselves suffer some calamity such as being diagnosed with cancer or falling into financial crisis. It can happen at times of great distress and fear such as the events of 9-11 or the Great Tsunami Disaster. It may also happen at times when sudden danger is upon them such as a Tornado Warning. The job of the minister is to awaken sinners by the truth of the Gospel. The Gospel message pours light into the darkness so that the lost can feel their condition. The Holy Spirit works to convince the person of sin, righteousness and judgment to come. Occasionally God sovereignly shakes a sinner from slumber with prophetic dreams or supernatural dealings (Genesis 41:8, Daniel 4:5, etc.).

C. The “convicted sinner” is a person who after hearing a Gospel message and having been dealt with greatly by the Holy Spirit is convinced of their need for God and the Gospel. They are convinced they are a sinner and need to repent. They are convinced that they need to trust in Christ and turn everything completely over Him. To a lesser or greater degree they understand the Gospel. They are familiar more or less with God and His word- at least enough to be born again. The Holy Spirit has brought them to that place where they are trembling in awe of God and are halting between two opinions (will I serve God or will I serve sin). They are at the crossroads- and must choose whom they will serve. At this time the Holy Spirit is in the role of Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus dealt with the rich young ruler- the Holy Spirit, in the same fashion, is dealing with this person. He is showing them in their ‘minds-eye’ what they must submit to Him in order to be saved and “have treasure in Heaven.” This is a “one-on-one” with the Holy Ghost. This is where the great striving and wrestling happens. The Holy Spirit knows what is standing between Him and them and He is showing it to them. The convicted sinner is made to know exactly what he/she is trading for their immortal soul.

II. The method of dealing with each ‘state’ of unrepentance.

A. Careless sinners require great wisdom to deal with. Proverbs 11:30 teaches us that “He that winneth souls is wise.” Since the careless sinners are opposed to themselves, they are like dealing with someone ‘suicidal.’ Careless sinners are ready at a moment’s notice to turn on themselves and harden even further. Dealing with them requires the wisdom of God. This is why prayer and the leading of the Spirit is important. Sometimes preaching will arrest their attention. Sometimes personal witnessing will do it. Awakening them with the Gospel or waiting for an opportunity to minister to them is a matter of great wisdom and timing. Sometimes as the Lord leads there will seem to be no real opportunity and you must witness knowing there will be great resistance or worse. Awakening sinners is not for the faint of heart and has been the cause of much abuse to ministers from the days of the Apostles.

B. Awakened sinners also require great wisdom in dealing with as not to miss the opportunity to share the Gospel when they are in an awakened state. The enemy is working double-time to stop their conversion when he sees them in this condition. He will distract them and fill their minds with all sorts of rhetoric and lies. He will give them a multitude of excuses as to why they should not listen to God and yield to the Holy Ghost. He will make all Christians into hypocrites in their eyes. The enemy is a master at this. Yet, this is the time to take them through the scriptures leaving nothing out- nor selling the Gospel short of its requirements. A person needs to understand their condition and what salvation is as much as possible. Nothing is more important than this time. Spend the time required to bring them to genuine conversion. This is not a ‘drive-thru’ process; it can take hours, days or even weeks. The tragedy of our day is that we do not take time for reflection in the service and at the altar. This is a very serious and solemn time. Birth is a process. This is the time where they decide their eternal fate. Either heaven or hell will rejoice when it’s all said and done. Don’t yield to the temptation to take shortcuts for any reason. The enemy will fill your mind with thoughts such as “hurry-up” or “this is taking too long.” He will keep you looking at the time. Stay until you know for certain that their blood has been washed from your hands.

C. Convicted sinners are convinced of their sin and know they need to repent. This is a most serious time. The enemy will not give up. He will try to get them to make a compromise with God- short of full surrender. They understand what is required of them. The Holy Spirit is showing them what ‘thing they lackest’ and they are striving with Him. God is trying to establish His Lordship over their life. The old timers would advise, do not give them a place of refuge if they start rationalizing and minimizing their sins. Flush them out until you know why it is that they will not submit to God. Give them time and they will tell you what it is. Maybe it’s a pet sin or bitterness. Maybe they don’t want to reconcile old enmities or make restitution to those they harmed. Maybe they just love their life and don’t want to change. It could be a number of things that we have no idea about. If the Holy Ghost is telling them to do something or to lay something down, don’t dare tell them differently. He knows what is holding them back and so do they; that is to say, He points out what god they want to serve other than Him.

What if they go away sorrowful as did the rich young ruler? Do what Christ did and let them go. Don’t fight against the Holy Ghost by comforting them. Let them feel the full weight of what they are doing; it is their only hope. Let them dwell on it. Do not give them a false assurance. The devil will use your comforting words to fortify them in their sin and eventually damn their soul. Salvation is not a process at this stage. They have been through the process and they know what they must do! They are in rebellion. Be ye not partakers of that rebellion no matter how much the Devil tempts you to do it. God once overlooked ignorance, but now He commands all men everywhere to repent, because He has appointed a day that He will judge the world in righteousness. Jesus died for them. What more can He do? Reconciliation requires repentance. We can receive and resist at the same time. We must throw down our weapons of resistance and surrender fully to Christ.  


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