The Conversion-less Church

The Conversion-less Church
Robert Wurtz II

Act 3:19    Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of The Lord. 

There was a time when mainstream Christianity neglected the necessity of conversion and regeneration, but it seems evident that in 2014, they are lost altogether. Therefore, we are losing our identity as Christians in the mainstream. Today a person can simply start attending church, and it is assumed they are right with God. The question is almost never asked, “have you had a conversion experience?”

Before Billy Sunday, people were expected to pass from death unto life, in reality, not merely doctrinally. Today, if a person expresses interest in church or Jesus, or makes a public profession of faith, they are assumed born again. Sadly, we have almost completely lost the doctrine of new birth. The late Leonard Ravenhill used to lament this fact and gave many illustrations to drive the point home. One stands out, “I can’t get my car through a car wash in a few minutes, how can a person pass from death to life, put on Christ, etc.?”

I had a thought come to mind while walking out of an auto parts store the other day. “Have you ever heard of a class designed to teach dogs to bark?” How about, “Chase the mailman?” What if we decided to hold night classes to teach cats to “meow.” You might be thinking, that would be absurd! Why? Because you should not have to teach what should come naturally. Nevertheless, today, you have to teach professors of Christ not just the difference between the holy and the profane or what it means to be in the Spirit, but you have to debate them on it. It is so “not who they are” that they can’t even relate to basic Christian principals. Why? It is not natural. You are trying to teach the cat to bark and the dog to meow. 

There is a great consequence in the churches for abandoning new birth. If people are not being converted in such a way that they can convincingly explain that they are now trusting Christ, have repented and have been changed by the power of God, then they are probably not a Christian. I can almost hear a chorus of a thousand guns proclaiming, “you’re being judgmental!” Well, we need to know those that labor among us and measure their experience by the word of God, especially before placing them in ministry. 

God does not need and I dare to say want talented people, but talent is what we have replaced true conversion with. The world worships talent, but God can accomplish His will without it. The scripture does not say that it is by our might, power and talent; rather, it is not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says The Lord. And we need to quit calling everything “anointed” that is really only talent. That is most of the problem. The masses are being duped into thinking that the talented motivational speaker is anointed, the talented musician is anointed, etc.; anointing happens when a person is truly, and I mean truly, (not in the repeat a prayer or start to church style) born from above. When they have had a genuine conversion experience, they have taken the first step. 

I sometimes wonder whether the day will come when the elect will be surrounded by an angry and almost militant  unconverted visible church. If you think about it, we are fast heading there. There is not a day goes by when a brother or sister tries to take a stand for the faith, holiness, righteousness separation from the world, etc., and not have to argue with so-called Christians. It’s like a whole generation doesn’t even know what team they are on. Why? Lack of genuine conversion. The nature is still of sinfulness. They are in a carnal state, and they argue from that vantage point. It’s all they understand. The world’s point of view makes sense to them, and their only defense is to declare the elect as critical and unloving. 

It’s time for those who are left that have experienced and understand genuine conversion and new birth to start preaching and teaching it. The Gospel is being reduced to a means of getting sins forgiven – coupled with your best life now. The churches are being filled with people that have never truly been converted and almost nobody is even talking about it in the main stream. Genuine spiritual change is being substituted with all kinds of counterfeits. Time is winding down. Christ is returning for a Church without spot or wrinkle; what will He do when He finds multitudes unconverted and unconcerned? 

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