Touching the Ark

There have been occasions when I might admit that I have put forth my hand to steady the Ark; that is to say, to try with human efforts to correct things that I perceived were wrong in the churches. My experience is that it has always caused death of some kind. It always caused more problems than it corrected. The things that I perceived to be "problems" were not corrected and on top of it -- were the consequences of "touching the Ark." Moreover, the "touching the Ark" part seemed to be the worst part of it. I have learned that man cannot with fleshly efforts bring correction to the House of God. Just because something is not being done right does not mean I can reach up and steady the Ark if it starts to fall. You cannot break one law in order to enforce another one. We can't break a law out of concern that bad things are going to happen if we don't do something "now."

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