If The Foundations Are Destroyed: What Then?

If The Foundations Are Destroyed: What Then?
Robert Wurtz II

In the LORD I put my trust; How can you say to my soul, “Flee as a bird to your mountain”? For look! The wicked bend their bow, They make ready their arrow on the string, That they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart. If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:1-3)

Often times it seems that even good, honest people are apt to marginalize the seriousness of having a strong moral and doctrinal standard upon which to place the Visible Church. Compromise is like an infestation of termites- eating away at the very structure itself. But, if the foundations are destroyed, what will the righteous do? If there is no basis upon which we can judge between what is right and wrong; or if the standard of genuine Christianity becomes completely distorted; what then?

A Firm Foundation

In my neighborhood stands an old historic home with a storied past. It has belonged to more than one famous local personality, not the least of which was a prominent, accomplished doctor. Interestingly, there is a twin home in near original condition that sits right beside it; but you wouldn’t have known it, because of the alterations made to the other home. Over time it had additions built on of various kinds, new structures and aesthetics, until it only slightly resembled the twin next door. A while back we drove by only to find a wrecking crew had totally removed all of the additions, siding, interior, in large dumpster loads. They had to use a front loader to clear the mess. However, recently we drove by and the house was sitting up on large iron beams and the foundation is being replaced. It is a sight to behold! Nevertheless, as stripped bare as it is, now it is beginning to resemble the twin next door. 

The Gospel Foundation

In a figure, this is what has happened to the Visible Church. The foundation went bad- all the while people kept adding on all sorts of things that have no relevance to the Kingdom of God- until it no longer resembled the Church in the book of Acts. However, the most important problem is with the foundation; the Gospel foundation. Evangelists over the last 100 years have radically eroded and damaged the very structure that the Visible Church has to rest on. Shoddy practices and unbiblical measures have so compromised the foundation, that their needs to be a lifting off and replacing of the very thing we are currently trying to build upon.


In my latest book, Televangelicalism (How We Lost The Gospel and How To Get It Back), I discuss in detail the path that got us here, and how we can begin to rebuild the foundations. We can’t go on as the occupants of the historic home I mentioned, just adding on to and expanding upon a crumbling foundation. The Psalmist asked, If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do? The answer is simple: forsake the patterns that led us away from God and get back to the well worn paths that were passed to us. If we try to side slip this issue we are only fooling ourselves. 


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